The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society of St. Catharines

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Our Emblem

The Emblem was designed by Jean Galloway in 1990. It consists of a brown "Belt and Buckle" surmounted by the RSCDS "crown". The "supporter" is joined to the "Belt and Buckle" by the Thistle and one leaf at each end a red stylised maple leaf in the centre. The top of the "Belt and Buckle" bears the letters "RSCDS" and the supporter "St. Catharines". Within the "Belt and Buckle" is a St. Andrew's Flag superimposed in the centre with a black Celtic cross. Within the four segments of the St. Andrew's flag in clockwise order are:
1. Top--a Scottish country dance couple in evening dress in Allemande position representing Scottish Country Dancing,
2. Right--a bunch of purple grapes on the vine representing the local wine industry,
3. Bottom--a "laker" identifying the importance of the Seaway and the Welland Canal to the area,
4. Left--a peach tree in fruit representing the fruit farming of the Niagara region.